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Hints To Help You Save.

You can save energy and money in many ways, in every season with Rowley Municipal Lighting Plant's All-season Energy Saving Tips.


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The RMLP contracts with Energy New England (“ENE”) and pays for the cost of home energy audits.

One free Home Energy Audit is offered to all residential customers. The homeowner is responsible for paying any and all energy saving upgrades.

If you would like to request a free Energy Audit of your residence, the Energy New England Representative at 1‐888‐772‐4242 can coordinate this service on your behalf.

The Energy Audit consists of a certified Energy Advisor who will visit your home and compile a comprehensive energy evaluation report. This report will identify ways to enhance both the energy efficiency and comfort of your home, and potentially reduce energy costs. The homeowner at his/her sole discretion will determine which, if any, energy conservation improvements they desire. If you would like more information on energy conservation services available to you, please contact the ENE Energy Hotline at 1‐888‐772‐4242.

See their "Your Energy Assessment" Page for more information.


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How does RMLP meet the demand for electricity?

Unlike most products, electricity can’t be stored after it's produced—it must be generated at the time of demand. Therefore, there are Peak Periods of the day during which utilities must produce additional electricity to meet the demands of their customers.

To meet this additional demand, RMLP often uses “peaking generators”. These peaking generators, which burn oil or natural gas to produce electricity, are brought on-line only at peak periods of the day, and run for short periods. While peaking generators generally cost less to build than other types of generators, they also have relatively high fuel costs because they are typically much less efficient in the use of fuel.

How does this affect the cost of electricity?

Your electric rates include, among other things, the cost of fuel used to run the utility’s generators, as well as the costs of any power it may purchase from other utilities. By reducing electric use at peak times of the day, you are helping to save expensive fuel that would otherwise be used in a peaking generator. This translates into savings for all customers of the utility.

The best times to save energy and money.

Use electric appliances such as washing machines, clothes dryers, dishwashers and vacuum cleaners during NON-Peak Hours, as much as possible.

Lowering your electric costs.

The time of day when electricity is used can make a big difference to the town of Rowley—and ultimately, to you. By shifting the time of day you use such household appliances as clothes washers, vacuum cleaners or dishwashers, you can help reduce electric demand during peak times of the day, thereby reducing the overall cost of power for everyone in Rowley.

Demand for electricity.

A consumer’s demand for electricity is influenced by the number and type of appliances in his or her home or business, and the frequency with which those appliances are used. The total of all customers’ electric demand is the “load” that an electric utility must supply. Because customers use electricity in different amounts and at different times, the load changes over the course of a day, a week or a year, as well as with changes in the weather.

Generally, the BEST times to use electric appliances in Rowley are:

  • Winter: Morning through 6pm
  • Summer: Morning through 2pm

Generally, the WORST times to use electric appliances in Rowley are:

  • Winter: 6pm-8pm
  • Summer: 2pm-6pm
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