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RMLP Headquarters

Our 47 Summer Street Headquarters

The RMLP's Personnel & Commissioners

Here's the roster of Rowley Electric Lighting Dept.'s personnel—Management, Office Staff, Linemen and our Board of Light Commissioners.

Rowley Municipal Lighting Plant Personnel

Title Name
General Manager Matt Brown
Superintendent of Distribution Mark Anderson
Office Manager Eric Grover
Billing Clerk Brigida Longo
Foreman Sean LaBelle
Lineworker Dennis Morrison
Lineworker Brian Herdman
Lineworker Jeff Valley

RMLP Board of Light Commissioners

Rowley Municipal Lighting Plant is a municipal electric utility governed by an elected board consisting of 3 Commissioners. Each term is for 3 years and is staggered so that townspeople vote each year to fill a term.

The Commissioners are the governing board and provide management oversight of the Department. Please call us at (978) 948-3992 to confirm meeting dates and times.

Early history of the Department indicates that the Department was initially governed by an elected Board of Light Commissioners. At some point during those early years the Commission disbanded and the Board of Selectmen took the reins of the Department’s authority until 1953, when the townspeople voted once again to establish an elected Board of Light Commissioners.

Title Name
Chair Mark Cousins
Clerk Rosamond Danby Whitmore
Member Bryan DiPersia
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