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Save Money While You Save Energy

Take advantage of our energy and money-saving incentive and rebate programs with Energy New England Conserve.


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Make the switch to cleaner energy and save money. There are a lot of great options available:

  • EnergyStar Appliance Rebates
  • Air Source Heat Pump & Mini-Split Rebate
  • Rowley Drives Electric EV Program
  • NEW! Remote Home Energy Assessments

Energy New England Conserve is now offering an alternative Home Energy Assessment experience to Residential Customers—Remote Home Energy Assessments. Read the Press Release for details, call 888-772-4242 or go to the ENE Energy Efficiency Website.

Review current rebates and incentives at Energy New England Conserve's RMLP Page, then scroll down to "Energy Saving Rebates and Programs" for information, applications and more.

Energy Saving Rebates and Programs

Check out these Rebate Offers from the RMLP and Energy New England.

Incentives Residential Commercial
Unit/Room A/C $25
Dehumidifier $25
Programmable Thermostat $25
Clothes Washer $50
Hybrid Water Heater $250
Air Source Heat Pump $500

*RMLP reserves the right to fund commercial audits on a case-by-case basis.



State and Federal governments also make it easier on your wallet to go green.

Check out these links:

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