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Save Money While You Save Energy

Take advantage of our energy and money-saving Incentive and Rebate Programs with Energy New England Conserve. New Rebates now available in more categories! Make the switch to cleaner energy and save more money!

NEW! Electric Lawn Equipment. NEW! Remote Home Energy Assessments. EnergyStar Appliance Rebates. Air Source Heat Pump & Mini-Split Rebates. More! Check it all out below.



Click each tab below and learn more about each rebate category. Call Energy New England with questions at 888-772-4242.

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Energy New England (ENE) provides conservation services for the residential customers of its partnering utilities. ENE’s highly trained and experienced Residential Energy Advisors can examine your home and identify heating, lighting, and weatherization opportunities to be more efficient and save money on your utility bills.

Call 888-772-4242 to schedule your Home Energy Assessment , complete the online signup or email


Incentives Residential
Home Energy Assessment* FREE
Clothes Washer A/C $50
Dehumidifier $25
Heat Pump Dryer $150
Heat Pump/Hybrid Water Heater <55 gal – $300
>55 gal – $100
Air Source Heat Pump $500
Induction Electric Range $200
Programmable Thermostat $25

For residential accounts/addresses only. Purchase(s) must be made within the rebate application year.

* Commercial: RMLP reserves the right to fund commercial audits on a case-by-case basis.


Incentives Residential
Chain & Pole Saw $40
Hedge Trimmer $25
Leaf Blower $25
Pressure Washer $40
Push Lawn Mower $100
Riding Lawn Mower $200
Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mower $200
Rototiller $40
String or Hedge Trimmer $25

For residential accounts/addresses only. Purchase(s) must be made within the rebate application year.

** $250 max per household annually. Proof of purchase (must include description of item, purchase date after 1/15/22, price paid, and store purchased from). Rebates generally take 6-8 weeks and show up as an RMLP electric bill credit. Offers subject to update, change, or termination at RMLP's discretion.

If you’re in the market for a new appliance, RMLP offers rebates of $25 to $50 on certain ENERGY STAR®-certified washing machines, dehumidifiers, room air conditioners, and programmable thermostats. There is a $250 rebate for purchasing a hybrid water heater.

Buying an ENERGY STAR® appliance will qualify you for a rebate, save money in energy costs over the life of the appliance, and help the environment by decreasing pollution from fossil fuels used to generate electricity. If you buy a high efficiency washing machine, you’ll save on water costs and help preserve water resources as well.

Before you buy a new appliance, download the RMLP Appliance Rebate PDF Application or pick up a paper copy at the RMLP office. The application form includes specific program requirements for the RMLP rebate.

For more details and questions about the rebate program, call Energy New England (ENE) at 1-888-772-4242.

ENERGY STAR® APPLIANCE Online Rebate Application

RMLP and Energy New England are offering new Rebates and Incentives to ratepayers who purchase qualifying Electric Yard Equipment! Our goal is to promote electrification and reduce carbon emissions.

Please call Energy New England with questions at 888-772-4242.

*250 maximum rebate per year. Applies only to purchases made between 1/1/2023-12/31/2023. Offer is subject to change without prior notice.

If you’re in the market for an air-source heat pump, RMLP offers a $500 rebate on qualified systems. Before installing a new air-source heat pump, download the RMLP Air-Source Heat Pump Rebate Application or pick up a paper copy at the RMLP office. The application outlines eligibility requirements and restrictions to receive the rebate.

For more details and questions about the Air-Source Heat Pump rebate program, call Energy New England (ENE) at 1-888-772-4242.

Read more about heat pumps here.
Save money. Save time. Save carbon.

Now is the time to make the switch from gasoline to electricity! Plug-in electric cars are fast, fun, affordable, and efficient. Compared to gasoline vehicles, electric vehicles (EVs) are less costly to operate, and maintenance is cheaper and simpler.

Rowley Drives Electric is a local initiative designed to raise awareness about the benefits of replacing gasoline powered vehicles with EVs. Residents in Rowley are encouraged to test drive and experience the speed and power of EVs firsthand. The Rowley Drives Electric website helps you access available rebates, take advantage of EV deals, and stay informed on the rapidly growing EV market.

Be a part of this important program. Schedule a test drive to see which car is the best fit for you! Call 1-833-44-EV-ENE (1-833-443-8363) or visit the Rowley Drives Electric website to learn more. View current offers or schedule a no-obligation test drive today!




The State and Federal governments also make it easier on your wallet to conserve energy. Explore these links for more information:

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