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Save Money While You Save Energy!

RMLP is challenging ourselves and the community to reduce our community's electric consumption by making energy efficient changes to our systems and our habits. Yes, we're asking the whole town of Rowley to join us in a challenge to reduce our town's overall electric usage! You can even track our progress on the graph below. Keep up with how your friends and neighbors in Rowley are doing month by month!

Browse this page for additional information to help you save energy and money with help from our partner, Energy New England.

Discover Ways To Save

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Get a comprehensive report detailing cost-effective measures, consultation, and possible financial incentives from Energy New England. Begin enjoying a more efficient and comfortable home — and save!

Your Free Audit evaluates insulation and air sealing, heating and cooling systems, appliances, water usage, and even solar PV potential.

Once the audit is complete, ENE's experts will provide you with an action plan to help you prioritize energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation, and waste management improvements in your home.

Note: all advice and recommendations are impartial, and you are not obligated to follow up on any of them.

Call an Energy New England Representative by phone or online. They will coordinate this service for you.

1 (888) 772‐4242


* RMLP contracts with Energy New England (ENE) and pays for the cost of home energy audits. One free Home Energy Audit is offered to each RMLP residential customer. The homeowner is responsible for paying any and all energy saving upgrades.

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RMLP and Energy New England offer our residential customers plenty of incentives & rebates for replacing old equipment with modern, qualifying, more efficient electric models.

  • EnergyStar® Appliances
  • Rechargeable Electric Yard Equipment
  • Air Source Heat Pumps for Heating, Cooling and Hot Water


** Rebate program is for residential electric accounts only. Commercial accounts aren’t eligible to participate. Rowley Municipal Lighting Plant (RMLP) will determine your electric account’s eligibility to participate in the program. Must be an active residential electric account with RMLP for at least 6 months. Electric account must be in good standing for at least 6 months (no arrears). Rebate item must be installed at account location. Resident must agree to allow RMLP to inspect the installation on premises. Rebate maximums reset on Jan. 1. Offer is subject to funding availability and can expire at any time.

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When we're notified by our peak monitoring partner, Rowley Municipal Lighting Plant issues Reduce The Peak Alert Notifications on the website and Facebook. These are usually broadcast during short periods of projected high energy use.

During these periods, the price of buying electricity from our suppliers substantially increases. If customers voluntarily cut back at these times, it helps RMLP keep everybody’s longterm electric rates lower.

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Discover Ways To Save

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Consider the following advice to reduce your home energy consumption:

  • Turn up the thermostat in the summer — each degree increase can save about 10% in energy use
  • Turn down your thermostat in the winter - even a degree or two can make a big impact on your usage and bill
  • Turn off the lights every time you leave a room
  • Clean or replace filters for furnaces and AC units once a month or as recommended by the manufacturer
  • Switch the direction of your ceiling fan for optimal air flow. It should rotate clockwise in the summer and counterclockwise in the winter
  • Keep phone chargers, gaming consoles, and other occasional-use electronics unplugged when not in use
  • Hang clothes to air dry
  • Only wash full loads in your dishwasher
  • Use cold water in your washer
  • Defrost frozen meats and meals in the refrigerator to help it keep cold
  • Fully defrost frozen meats and meals to avoid any unnecessary overuse of cooking elements
  • Avoid over-filling your freezer and refrigerator, appliances need to have space to circulate air to run efficiently
  • Don't keep freezers empty — frozen items help to keep the temperature cold and the freezer to run less
  • Put holiday lights and blow-up decorations on timers


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  • Make sure that your home is properly sealed against air leaks and insulated
  • Install energy efficient heat pump units to heat and cool your home
  • Install Wi-Fi programmable thermostats
  • Consider rooftop solar
  • Switch to LED lights
  • Use solar lights for landscaping
  • Replace old appliances with EnergyStar® Certified appliances
  • Consider new technology, like induction cook-tops
  • Electrify your yard equipment


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  • Turn off your computer at the end of the day
  • Switch off lights in unoccupied rooms and when you leave the office at the end of the day
  • Check whether appliances have energy-saving setting and encourage everyone to use them as the default
  • Spearhead an energy saving committee, and create goals to lower energy-related costs
  • Encourage your employees to employ our energy saving tips when they go home

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